Virburnum opulus [Guelder rose]

Habit: Tree, 20-30 m high, startly large tree with a broad, conical crown, later high-domed to round.
Foliage: Deciduous,alternate, oblique cordate to round, 3-10 cm long and wide, petioles are 2- 5 cm long, dark green, slightly convex, bluish grey-green beneath.
Flower: Yellow-white, in umbrel-like inflorescences of 5 to 11 flowers, flower joined to the bracts, sweet scent; June -July.
Site: Sun to partial shade, on moderately dry moist, nutrient-rich, midly acid to alkakine soils.
Use: Forest, windbreaks, hedge, garden etc.

2/0   15-30  -  30-50  -  50-80
DK Truust L.169