Højgård Planteskole - Quercus robur

Quercus robur [Common Oak]

Habit: Large tree 25-35 m. high.
: 6-15 cm long, long-stemmed, regular with 11-19 lobes
Yellow-green male catkins, 3-8 cm sitting in billets from the ground up new shoots. 15-30 mm long brown acorns, seated in a long-stemmed 20-80 mm bowl-shaped froze tooth
Site: Light demanding and otherwise no special requirements, however, thrives best in a soil that is not too wet.
Use: Windbreaks, solitary, forest etc.

1/0   15-30 - 30-50 - 50-80
NL.S. Elsendorp-01 NL-31/2020-1125
NL.S. Eindhoven-01 NL-31/2020-1049
NL.S. St. Anthonis-01 NL-31/2020-1208