Sorbus mougeotii [Vosges Whitebeam]

Habit: Small to medium-sized tree with an oval, later rounder, crown, or a multi-stemmed, sparsely branched shrub. Fast growing when young. Branches initially stiffy upright, in maturity more open and slightly hanging.
Deciduous, alternate, imparepinnate. Autumn colour is a splendid yellow to orange-red.
Flower: White, in 10 to 15 cm wide, flat panicles; May/June. Fruit ripen from the end of August to October.
Site: Sun to partial shade. Optimum growth in achieved on moist, not too nutrient-poor, open, mildly acid
Use: Windbreaks, hedge, etc.

2/0   40-60  -  60-100
DK Dyrelund L.109