Sorbus aucuparia [Mountain ash]

Habit: Small to medium-sized tree with an oval, later rounder, crown or a multi-stemmed, sparsely branched shrub. Fast growing when young. Branches initially stiffy upright,  in maturity more open and slightly hanging. Relatively fast growing during the first 20 years, then sluggish growth.
Deciduous, alternate, imparepinnate. Autumn colour is a splendid yellow to orange-red.
Flower: White, in 15 cm wide, flat panicles; May/June. Fruit ripen from the end of August to October.
Site: Sun to partial shade. Optimum growth in achieved on moist, not too nutrient-poor, open, mildly acid
Use: Forest, windbreaks, hedge, solitary etc.

1/0   30-60  -  60-100
1/1   60-100

DK Dyrelund L.087