Syringa vulgaris [Common lilac]

Habit: Shrub/ small -sized tree, 4-7 m high, upright, densely branched and slightly stiff.  Annual growth is about 20 cm in height and 15 cm spread.
Foliage: Deciduous, opposite, broad oval to cordate, 5-12 cm long, vivid green, slightly coarse, no autumn colour.
Flower: Violet, in up to 15 cm long, erect panicles, strongly scented, flowers May/June.
Site: Sun to light shade, optimum growth on moderately dry moist, nutrient- and sandy humus-rich, well drained soils.
Use: Windbreaks, hedge, garden etc.

2/0   15-30  -  30-50  -  50-80
2/2   50-80
DK Dyrelund L.170