Quercus rubra [Northern Red Oak / Champion Oak]

Habit: Large tree - 25-35 m. high.
Foliage: Up to 25 cm long, long-stemmed, regular with 7-9 bristle-tipped lobes. Shiny dark green. Fall color is usually brick red to scarlet and very attractive (in poor years brown-red to yellowish-brown)
Flower: Yellow-brown male catkins. 20-30 mm oval brown acorns.
Site: Sunny, or partly sunny. Thrives best in moist, acidic and well-drained soils.
Use: Solitary, forest, windbreaks etc.

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NL.S Elsendorp-01 NL.31/2021-1050
NL.S Elsendorp-01 NL.31/2021-1051
PL Region 314/3 Barlinek MR/43304/14/PL