Højgård Planteskole/Nursery is placed in the heart of Denmark. Close to the water, which is giving a mild clima. Our ground is on sandysoil and it is very qualified to our production.
In 25 years we have made plants and today we have nearly 100 ha with plants and produce nearly 15 mill plants. In new and modern coolstore can we keep 3000 m² plants. In our warehouse we have 1000 m² which give us easy to send small order.

We have a production of:

  • Forestplants
  • Fruit trees
  • Roses
  • Conieferous trees
  • Stocks

To be sure of the right numers of plants- and proviniens- we are ready to make contract for production af plants.

If you want to visit our nursery, please call us by phone, we surely want to show you around. You can also send us a Mail