Højgård Planteskole - Quercus petraea

Quercus petraea [Sessile Oak]

Habit: Large tree 30-38 m. high.
: 6-15 cm long, long-stemmed, regular with 11-19 lobes.
: Yellow-green male-catkins, 3-8 cm sitting in billets from the ground up new shoots. 15-20 mm wide brown acorn seated in the cup-shaped seed gum, usually 3-5 together red anthers, 2-3 cm large.
Site: No special requirement, but grows best on a soil that is not too wet.

2/0  25-50
Agder Arendal DK/16191/NO/B1607
Agder DK/16/259123/NO/B1609
Stenholt DK/16/10691/F.750