Abies procera [Nobelfir / Silverfir]

Habit: Large tree, 20-30 m high.
Needles: Grey-green 1.5 mm wide and 15-35 mm long.

Flower: Purple/ deep red male flower on the underside, small greenish female flower above.

Site: Sunny, sensitive to frost in the spring, wind-resistant, best on lighter soil.
Use: Solitary, forestry, christmas tree and greenery

1/1s    10-15 
C.E. Flensborg DK/21/10691/FP.623
Mosemark Skov DK/19/10705/FP.252

2/1s    10-15 - 15-30
C.E. Flensborg DK/19/10691/FP.623
Mosemark Skov DK/19/10705/FP.252
Overgård DK/17/259123/F.402