Pseudotsuga menziesii [Douglas spruce/Oregon pine]

Habit: Very large cone shaped tree - up to 45 m tall. The second-tallest conifer in the World.
Foliage: Soft green needles
with two whitish stomatal bands below. If you crush them between your fingers, you can sense a light scent of citrus.
The female flowers are produced in spring, green at first, maturing orange-brown in the autumn. The male flowers are yellow.
Site: Requires no special conditions, hardy.
Use: Forestry

1/1    20-40  -  40-60
Mosemark Skov DK/19/10705/FP.27
Sepperup DK/19/10705/FP.278
Sorø Akademi DK/19/10705/FP.210