Højgård Planteskole - Abies nordmanniana

Abies nordmanniana [Nordmann fir]

Habit: Large tree, 20-30 m high.
Needles: Dark-green, 15 -60 mm long and 1.5-2.5 mm wide.

Flower: Yellow-red male flowers on the underside, small green female flower above.

Site: Full sun/light shade, can be sensitive to frost when flushing. No speciel requirements regarding soil conditions.
Use: Solitary, forrest, Christmas tree and decorative foliage.

2/1s    7-12  -  12-25
Ambrolauri Nikortsminda/GE
Ambrolauri Tlugi - afd. 12 HEDEDAN 1512
​Ambrolauri Tlugi - afd. 13 DK/50/GE/B10117
​Ambrolauri Tlugi - afd. 17 DK/050
Ambrolauri Tlugi - afd. 20 HEDEDAN 1520
Borjomi Tadzrisi
Mosemark DK/15/10705/FP.251
Saltbjerg DK/15/10705/F.808
Silkeborg Nordskov DK/15/10705/FP.259
Skibelund DK/15/10705/FP.266
Tschemtschugi 1/RU
Tversted DK/15/10705/F.527

2/2    15-30
​Ambrolauri Tlugi - afd. 12 DK/15/10691/GE/C1201