Højgård Planteskole - Pinus sylvestris

Pinus contorta [Shore pine]

Habit : Small evergreen tree 2,5 m. high, cone shaped with a twisted and irregular growth.
Needles: Dark, mostly shiny needles in bundles of 2, 4-8 cm. long.
Flower: Reddish female buds at the top of year-shoot; reddish to yellow male flower. Cones are closed and must be exposed to high temperatures, such as from forest fires, in order to open and release their seeds.

Site: Light shade and non-calcareous soils, very acidic soil.
Use: Forest etc.

1/1    20-40
Galway Reyclamper co. Galway - IRL/11-22

2/1   25-50
Galway Reyclamper co. Galway - IRL/11-22