Højgård Planteskole - IPM Essen 2013

Demoday september 2014

11 different nationalities were gathered as more than 200 visitors were spending a day at Hojgaard Planteskole/Nursery in late September - an event made in cooperation with Egedal Maskinfabrik.

The day started at 9.00 with rolls and coffee - and 9.30 the first busses were sent off for a guided tour of the fields. Along the way it was possible to see plants on the 100 ha of nursery production... forest plants, conifers, rootstocks, fruit trees and the blooming rosefield... - and 5 different places there were demonstrations of machinery in action... gas-burner, planting machines, machines for christmas trees, bedcleaner aso.

The trip lasted almost 4 hours and there was planty of time for questions. Back at Hojgaard Nursery it was time for lunch - barbecue pork with potatoes and salad. After lunch it was time for looking around in the buildings, take a look at the machinery - and maybe a talk with colleges ?

For those who didn't make it to the morning tour, it was time for another tour in the field - same program as in the morning.

The Demo-day ended around 17.00 and we would like to say thanks to all of you who spended your time at our event - and helped to make the day a succuss.